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6th Africa MICE Masterclass Presentations


6th Africa MICE Masterclass Presentations

Original price was: R2500,00.Current price is: R1900,00.

The 6th Africa Business Tourism & MICE Masterclass brought together industry leaders and experts to explore critical trends, share best practices, and shape the future of MICE in Africa. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights from these informative presentations!

By purchasing access to the presentations, you’ll gain access to:

Day 1:

  • In-depth exploration of a specific MICE industry topic by Linda.
  • Expertise from David Eduaful on a current and relevant theme in the MICE industry.
  • Business Events insights from Nomasonto Ndlovu.
  • Expert guidance on navigating tax considerations within the MICE industry.
  • Valuable data and analysis on Bleisure travel trends from Expedia.
  • Dr. Rob Davidson’s insights on leveraging Bleisure travel to enhance MICE events in Africa.

Day 2:

  • A deep dive into the MICE industry landscape on Day 2 (Africa MICE Masterclass Day 2).
  • Expertise from ICCA on a topic relevant to the MICE industry.
  • Insights from Prof Nellie Swart on a MICE industry theme.
  • Exploration of the role of technological innovation in the MICE industry.
  • The latest trends and best practices in Business Tourism.
  • Business Tourism and MICE industry insights from Tim Harlech-Jones.

Invest in your MICE industry knowledge and gain a competitive edge. Purchase access to the 6th Africa Business Tourism & MICE Masterclass presentations today!

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